Silent Hunter Online Dev Diary Focuses on U-Boat Fleet Management

Gamers will get to experience a number of the subs from World War II

The development team at Ubisoft working on Silent Hunter Online is giving fans of the series a chance to get some more details about the coming game, focusing on the way players will be able to manage their fleet of U-boats and enhance their performance.

Gamers will start the game with a Type II-A U-boat and will then advance just as the Germans did during the real World War II, using the Type VII boats that formed the backbone of wolf packs in the Atlantic.

As Silent Hunter Online progresses, players will also be able to use the Type XXI, the first all-electric submarine that had improved survivability and could move around Allied forces stealthily.

The diary also talks about crew allocation and shows at little bit of actual in-game action towards the end.

Silent Hunter Online will be launched using a free-to-play model during 2013.

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