Showdown Effect Gets One-Liner Site and New Video

The game uses the best known cliches of the action genre

By on January 19th, 2013 01:31 GMT

Developer Arrowhead Studios and publisher Paradox Interactive are continuing their eccentric marketing campaign for the upcoming The Showdown Effect via special website filled with one-liners, all of them humorous, based on the cliches of the action movie genre.

The site generates a number of them and it’s quite clever in making fun of the genre, as the entire game experiences will do on launch.

The two companies are also launching a new video for The Showdown Effect which is attached to this article, featuring one of the over-the-top action scenes of the game.

Arrowhead Games plans to launch a closed beta stage for their game in the coming weeks, allowing a limited number of players to enjoy it and offer their feedback.

A full launch is expected during the first quarter of the year on the PC.