Shadowfell Conspiracy Is Second Expansion for Dungeons & Dragons Online

Gamers will once again battle monsters and Netherese agents

Developer Turbine and publisher Warner Bros. have announced that they are working on a second expansion for Dungeons & Dragons Online, called Shadowfell Conspiracy, which is set to be launched during the summer of this year.

The new content will include:

- two new adventure packs: complete with new areas, encounters and challenging dungeons;

- Wheloon: a prison city with Netherese agents and new breeds of monsters;

- Stormhorns: gamers will need to explore Griffon territory in order to reach a secret weapon and destroy it;

- iconic heroes: prestige character classes complete with gear, appearance options and abilities that are offered at level 15;

- three new levels for all characters.

Erik Boyer, a senior producer working on Dungeons & Dragons Online, is quoted by VG247 as saying, “This year we’re introducing more content and making it even easier to experience the latest content with the introduction of Iconic Heroes that begin at level 15, allowing players to jump right into the action.”

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