Sega Can Afford to Buy Relic Entertainment, Analyst Says

The studio and its projects should cost around $15 million

Japanese company Sega can certainly afford to buy Relic Entertainment, the studio behind franchises like Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War or Company of Heroes, at least according to analyst Michael Pachter.

THQ's franchises and internal studios are going to be sold at a bankruptcy auction later today and Sega has already been rumored to be in talks to buy Relic Entertainment, the studio behind the Dawn of War games or the Company of Heroes titles.

According to games industry analyst Michael Pachter, via VG247, considering Relic's pedigree and its franchises, Sega will have to pay around $15 million to buy it outright and, provided it supplies fair wages, most of the team will no doubt remain at the studio.

As of yet, however, no concrete transactions have been announced, so it's unclear just where THQ's franchises and studios will go to.

The auction is set to take place later today.

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