Secrets of the Dragon’s Spine Expansion for Age of Conan Has Launch Trailer

The expansion introduces new area, monsters, quests

The development team at Funcom is launching the most recent expansion for Age of Conan: Unchained, called Secrets of the Dragon’s Spine, and all those interested can take a look at the official trailer to see exactly what kind of new content they will be able to experience.

The trailer is suitably glorious and bloody and shows players fighting against an array of  monsters in new game environments.

Secrets of the Dragon’s Spine is a desert region to the south-west of Pteiton, with just one oasis to offer support for the players.

The expansion will include more content for level 80 players, an innovative raid and a new Player versus Player area, a mount to discover and use and more equipment for the various classes.

Age of Conan also introduces dungeons that can be played for free.

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