Secret World Sees 400% Increase in Activity After Free-to-Play Move

Gamers will still have to pay for game package and DLC

The development team at Funcom says that it has seen an increase of 400 percent in activity in its MMO The Secret World after it has eliminated the monthly subscription for the game during December.

GamesIndustry cites information from a stock report that shows a number of players have returned to The Secret World because of the lower cost associated with it.

The MMO is not truly free-to-play because gamers still need to pay for the core game package and all future downloadable content will come with a price tag attached.

In the final month of 2012, 70,000 copies of The Secret World were sold, which is a quarter of the total sales for the title.

Ole Schreiner, the chief executive officer at Funcom, says that his team is “building the basis of a very sustainable business” with The Secret World at the moment.

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