Secret World Gets One-Year Anniversary Event, New Content Drop

Gamers will be able to battle the Guardians of Gaia

The development team at Funcom announces that it will launch a new issue for its MMO The Secret World on July 8. The team is also set to deliver a series of celebrations for the one-year anniversary since the MMO was first released.

The biggest part of the celebrations will be a special storyline called The Guardians of Gaia, which will entail huge monsters spawning across the game world.

Players will have to group up in order to battle them and can get access to some interesting rewards if they manage to defeat one.

The store is also offering a 30 percent price cut for all membership packs and gamers get a bonus every day, ranging from double XP to double skill points.

Simply logging in will get players access to a flare gun and those who are paying for the game will get a unique T-shirt with the number one on it.

A new issue for The Secret World is designed to arrive once the celebration is over.

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