Second Hand Nintendo Wii U Consoles Let New Owners Download Games for Free

Titles bought by previous accounts can be re-downloaded from the eShop

Those who buy pre-owned (aka second hand) Nintendo Wii U consoles are able to re-download for free games from the eShop that were bought by previous owners of the device, according to a new report.

Nintendo's Wii U has a convoluted policy towards Nintendo Network accounts and ties them to the console on which it was created.

As such, those who opt to sell their devices should be wary about any unforeseen consequences.

Among them, according to a NeoGAF forum member, is the possibility of giving away the games you bought from the eShop.

Apparently, the poster got a pre-owned Wii U and, after creating a new Nintendo Network for his own use, he visited the online eShop. After accessing the page of a game, the option of re-downloading it appeared, instead of buying it.

Nintendo hasn't commented on this supposed glitch, but you can expect an official statement soon enough.

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