Scribblenauts Unlimited Out Now on Steam, Supports Steam Workshop

The delightful puzzle game is now playable on the PC

Scribblenauts Unlimited, the recently released puzzle game from 5th Cell, has just been made available for the PC platform via Steam and it includes not just plenty of specific features, like high resolution textures, but also support for the Steam Workshop system.

Scribblenauts Unlimited was already released for the 3DS last week and for the Wii U on Sunday, right alongside the new Nintendo console.

Now, 5th Cell and Warner Bros. have just released the game for the PC platform, through the Steam digital distribution service.

Besides featuring all sorts of great levels and the same impressive Scribblenauts mechanics, in which players just write the names of objects or things and they magically pop onto the screen, the PC version of Scribblenauts Unlimited also supports the Steam Workshop system, which means players can create their own mods and content and then share them with other people.

As of yet, however, Scribblenauts Unlimited’s Steam Workshop is rather empty, but you can expect owners of the game to quickly come up with some interesting content.

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