Save Data Transfer Tool Coming for Nintendo 3DS Owners in Japan

Transfer files from game cartridges to memory cards easily

Nintendo has confirmed that it's going to release a special Save Data Transfer tool in Japan for 3DS owners, allowing them to transfer the save game files found on a game's cartridge into the internal memory of the device so that they can be read by the digital editions of that same game.

Nintendo's 3DS heavily relies on retail titles found on special cartridges but, in recent times, more and more full-fledged titles have also been released as digital downloads for the handheld platform.

Sadly, there's a key difference between the retail and digital version of the game, as one stores the save files on its cartridge while the other uses the 3DS' memory card.

Now, Nintendo has confirmed in a recent Direct video, via NWR, that a special tool will soon be released that can help in the transfer of save files from cartridges to the memory card.

No other details are known and it's unclear whether the tool will be made available in other parts of the world besides Japan.

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