Save 20 Euro on Diablo III and Starcraft II from

The deal is only available in Europe until November 27

Video game developer Blizzard is offering both Diablo III and Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty with a price cut of 20 Euro, as long as gamers buy hem using the official store from the service.

This means that gamers will pay just 19.99 Euro for the strategy game that allows them to control Raynor and his allies as they battle the Dominion in the first installment of a trilogy.

At the same time, Diablo III is 39.99 Euro and allows players to create and develop a character as they battle a wide array of monsters to save Sanctuary.

The offer is only available in Europe and it ends on November 27.

Blizzard has long been promoting the digital distribution system it has integrated into, which also offers the MMO World of Warcraft and its expansions.

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