Saints Row 3 Low Framerate on Powerful PCs Will Be Fixed

Volition is trying to find a solution to this serious problem

Saints Row 3: The Third appeared last month and, since then, has delighted fans both on consoles like the PS3 or Xbox 360, but also on the PC, largely because its developer, Volition, handled the porting process of the game to the PC on its own, without the help of any outside studio, thus preventing another unfortunate release like the infamous Saints Row 2.

Sadly, while we encountered no problems with the game’s PC version, it seems that some users are complaining of inexplicably low frame rates even if they have powerful computers that meet and sometime even exceed the recommended system requirements.

Joystiq spotted quite a few threads on both the Steam forums for Saints Row: The Third, as well as on the official forum of the game, with plenty of people, no matter their components, complaining of such issues. While we didn’t encounter any serious problems during our playthrough, it seems that the game still has issues with other users.

Volition is currently investigating these problems and is asking users that are affected to share more details with them in order to help find a solution. Until then, at least for some gamers, Saints Row 3 is unplayable on the PC.

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