STALKER Developer GSC Game World’s Fate Still Uncertain, May Shut Down

The Ukrainian developer might close its doors soon enough

Over the weekend we heard a rather alarming rumor, coming from Ukraine, which said that GSC Game World, the Kiev-based studio responsible for the cult classic STALKER series, is going to be shut down. Now, the studio has cleared a few things up, saying that its fate is still uncertain.

GSC Game World delighted lots of PC owners with the original STALKER survival shooter, as well as its expansions, Clear Sky and Call of Pripyat, and was now working on a full pledged sequel, in the form of STALKER 2.

Sadly, it seems that the fate of the Ukrainian studio is coming to an end, as a report from its home country said that the company was close to being shut down by its owner, Sergei Grigorovich.

The studio’s Twitter account posted a denial of this rumor, but it was quickly deleted. Now, a new message appeared from the account, saying that, "We will do our best to continue, however, at this moment, nothing is certain."

Hopefully, we’ll hear some good news in the near future and possibly see the release of STALKER 2 before the end of the studio.

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