SOE Reveals Official List for Merged Servers in Planetside 2

Gamers will be able to transfer characters after the imposed move is complete

Sony Online Entertainment is announcing the exact names of the Planetside 2 servers that will be consolidated next week in order to better balance the population of the free-to-play MMO.

The server merge will work as follows:

US West region – Genudine and Helios to Helios

US East region – Mattherson and SolTech to Mattherson; Waterson and Jaeger to Waterson

European Union region – Cobalt and Lithcorp to Cobalt; Ceres and Mallory to Ceres.

The transferred players will move along with certifications, outfits and friend lists.

Matt Higby, one of the executives working on Planetside 2, states on the official forums that “we have a good idea of where each server stands in terms of player population, empire population and we can model merges to optimize the populations.”

In 2013 SOE plans to deliver more content for Planetside 2, including an entirely new continent to battle on.

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