SOE Fixes Hex Crash for Planetside 2, Plans Bans

All gamers who used it will be punished by the developers

Sony Online Entertainment says that it has fixed a hex crash issue in the MMO Planetside 2 and that it will now be using logged game data in order to issue bans to all those players who used the exploit during the Christmas period.

Matt Highby, the creative director working on Planetside 2, writes via Twitter that, “A fix for the variously described "hex crash"/"C4 crash"/"Sunderer crash" exploit will be going up tonight.”

He added, “As a side note, we have log evidence for players who were causing it and will be banning.”

Some players were using the Planetside 2 exploit in order to disconnect gamers who were in a certain radius, offering a competitive advantage to those who knew to keep their distance and then try and reach their objectives.

It’s unclear when the hex crash issue bans will be delivered.

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