SEGA Announced Aliens: Colonial Marines Too Early, Says Developer

The game was only in development for a few years, with interruptions

An anonymous developer who claims to have worked on the recently launched Aliens: Colonial Marines says that publisher SEGA announced the game too early, way before actual work on the game started, and created expectations that were too high.

Writing on Reddit, the source states, “SEGA, GBX and 20th Century FOX came to an agreement to produce an Aliens game around 6 years ago, after which SEGA almost immediately announced it, long before Pecan had even started production.”

Developer Gearbox could not offer Aliens its full attention because it was involved with other projects, like the two Borderlands titles and the new Duke Nukem.

The long and fractured development process for Colonial Marines resulted in a final game experience that failed to satisfy gamers.

We have a full review of the new Aliens available on Softpedia.

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