Ryse: Son of Rome Quick Time Events Complete Themselves If Players Miss Them

Players won't feel frustrated by missing button prompts, Crytek says

The quick time events in Ryse: Son of Rome will be automatically completed by the game if players miss the button prompts, as developer Crytek doesn't want players to feel frustrated with the brutal experience.

Ryse: Son of Rome was one of the most impressive games showcased by Microsoft at its Xbox One E3 2013 press conference at the beginning of the week.

In the gameplay demonstration, the player is shown controlling a Roman soldier who slashes his way through enemies on a battlefield.

The gameplay focused heavily on quick time events and, according to a hands-on session from Kotaku Australia, the QTEs are automatically completed by the game in case the player misses them.

As such, there's no penalty for failure, as Crytek apparently doesn't want players to feel frustrated with missing a button prompt.

No other details were offered, and it's unclear if this system will remain in place when Ryse: Son of Rome is released for the Xbox One.

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