Rumor Mill: Wii U Sells Just 40,000 Units in 48 Hours on UK Market

Nintendo reported 400,000 consoles sold in the United States

Sources from the retail industry in the United Kingdom are claiming that the newly launched Wii U home console from Nintendo has managed to sell just 40,000 units during its first 48 hours after launch, which is a surprisingly small number when compared to the sale levels seen in the United States.

MCV quotes retailers as offering the number and says that it does not include online stores and devices that have been ordered from other sources.

Previously, Nintendo stated that most of those who had bought the Wii U on launch day had picked up the Premium version of the game, which included more storage space and connectivity options.

The Wii U has managed to sell more than 400,000 units in the United States on launch, mostly because of the Black Friday deals for the new device.

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