Rumor Mill: Watch Dogs Will Launch This Holiday Season

The game is set to be delivered on all home consoles

A leaked game poster that’s currently being prepared for deployment in retail chain GameStop suggests that the upcoming Watch Dogs video game from publisher Ubisoft will be launched during the coming holiday season.

Apparently, the information will be made public when the posters linked to Watch Dogs are set up in stores early next week, according to a source that talked to Kotaku.

Watch Dogs will be launched on all home consoles, which presumably means that gamers who own a PlayStation 3 and an Xbox 360 will get it, but that the next generation of devices from Sony and Microsoft will also be supported.

Watch Dogs is an open world experience that uses action and adventure game mechanics.

The game will explore themes like surveillance and information warfare, allowing the main character to use hacking a number of devices in any way he sees fit in order to tail persons and perform covert missions.

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