Rumor Mill: Saints Row 4 Info Coming at PAX East

Deep Silver acquired Volition from THQ via auction

Video game publisher Deep Silver says that it has a big reveal planned for the coming PAX East event, and speculation from fans suggests that the company might be ready to talk about the next installment in the Saints Row series.

Aubrey Norris, a Deep Silver representative, says via her Twitter account that “Dear media: You're going to want to be at PAX East this year. If not, you're going to be missing out on something HUGE. Just FYI!”

The company recently acquired both developer Volition and the right to the Saints Row franchise after THQ was forced to auction off properties because of its financial situation.

Saints Row 4 had been confirmed as being in development before, during 2012, taking the place of an expansion that Volition had previously announced.

Speculation suggests that the game might be out during late summer on current-generation consoles.

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