Rumor Mill: PlayStation 4 Will Have Cross-Platform Play with Smartphones

The devices will be certified by Sony with the PlayStation Brand

With the Sony event that will reveal its next home console approaching fast, the rumors about the PlayStation 4 are coming in at a faster pace, with new information suggesting that the device will include cross-platform play with other hardware as smartphones and tablets.

AllGamesBeta cites sources inside Sony, who are saying that the company is eager to expand the connectivity options for the PlayStation 4 in order to make it more appealing to gamers who are playing on the move.

The new features will likely be limited to those devices that are PlayStation Certified by Sony.

The PlayStation 3 already features cross-platform play with the PlayStation Vita handheld, although a limited number of video games make use of it.

Sony will hold an event in New York on February 20, which is widely expected to show off the PlayStation 4.

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