Rumor Mill: PlayStation 4 Will Cost 300 British Pounds (465 Dollars)

The new device will be cheaper than the current PS3

Sony is not yet officially talking about its next generation of home consoles but a leak coming from the company states that the PlayStation 4's price in the United Kingdom will be set at 300 British Pounds, which is equivalent to 465 dollars (347 Euro). quotes the estimated price, which would represent a serious cut over the price with which the PlayStation 3 launched in the United Kingdom.

Some analysts believe that the current generation of new consoles, from both Sony and Microsoft, will cost more than the current one because of higher costs associated with research and development and with the manufacturing process.

Sony will have a big event on February 20 in New York, which many expect to mark the official reveal of the PlayStation 4, although Microsoft believes that the news will be more limited in nature.

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