Rumor Mill: PlayStation 4 Reveal Planned for Sony Destination Event on February 25

Microsoft is also teasing information about the Xbox 720

Video game publisher and hardware maker Sony is planning an official event called Destination PlayStation for the period between February 25 and 28 and rumors suggest that the company might use it in order to officially unveil the next-generation PlayStation 4 console.

At the moment, the only confirmed detail about PlayStation Destination is that it will offer Sony a chance to show off its next slate of video games for the PS3 and the Vita.

Sony has not offered any details on the next PlayStation console, but rumors have talked about everything from better voice control integration to RFID chips designed to eliminate the used game market.

Microsoft also has a countdown that might be associated with an announcement for the Xbox 720 home console, probably set for the E3 2013 event.

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