Rumor Mill: New Wolfenstein Game in Development at ZeniMax Sweden

The team might be ready to reboot the classic shooter franchise

Information from the CV of composer Julian Beeston suggests that a development team at ZeniMax Sweden is currently working on a new video game linked to the Wolfenstein franchise.

The personal document has since been modified to eliminate the reference, but says that the game was linked to the Wolfenstein universe, but no details about it were offered.

The plain-named Wolfensteain was the last game in the series, launched during 2009 by developer Raven Software and publisher Activision.

The game failed to impress critics or satisfy fans of the classic shooter series.

Bethesda and ZeniMax might try to offer a full reboot for Wolfenstein, trying to play up the campy nature of the shooter while toning down the references to the supernatural or World War II.

The game might be part of a slate of titles that will be released as created for the PlayStation 4 from Sony and the Xbox 720 from Microsoft.

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