Rumor Mill: Microsoft’s Durango Will Support DirectX 11

The new GPU architecture will lead to an increase in video quality

New leaked information about the next home console from hardware maker Microsoft, which is codenamed Durango, suggests that the device will use a Graphics Processing Unit that supports DirectX 11.

VGLeaks offers a detailed breakdown complete with tables showing the exact architecture of the new consoles, compiled by analyzing a number of sources inside and outside of Microsoft.

The fact that the next-gen console from Microsoft will offer support for DirectX 11 might mean a big leap in terms of quality for titles that launch on the device.

Microsoft has not yet made any official announcement about its new device, but an official reveal is expected before E3 2013, with the actual launch taking place before the end of the year.

Sony has been releasing content that suggests that it will show off its own PlayStation 4 for the first time in late February.

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