Rumor Mill: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Launches on March 29, 2013

The game will allow players to re-discover the core character of the series

The United Kingdom division of retailer Amazon has linked a March 29, 2013 launch date for the upcoming Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy, but the publishing team at Square Enix has not confirmed the date.

The date makes sense from the perspective of the publisher because it puts the game ready to launch in the first weeks of the spring launch season and gives it a good position to capture the imagination of players over the summer.

If the launch date of March 29, 2013 is real, that also means that the development team at Square Enix is probably close to done with the development process and that more details about the game might be offered soon.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy is the last chapter in the XIII installment of the long-running franchise and once again focuses on Lightning as the main character.

The game seems to be more action-focused than previous installments and the game world will consist of evolved versions of previously visited locations.

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