Rumor Mill: Gears of War RTS Launching on Xbox 720

The game will only be controlled via motion tracking

A set of new screens have surfaced of a real-time strategy title based on the Gears of War universe that is motion controlled and which will be launched on the Xbox 720 next-generation device from Microsoft when it is available.

The screens available on VGLeaks are pretty poor but they seem to show a game, codenamed Gears of War: Tactics, which was in pre-alpha stage when the images were created.

Tactics would allow four players to control units and battle the threat of the Locust, mostly in urban environments.

Apparently, Epic Games initially wanted to create the Gears of War real-time strategy for the Kinect motion tracking system, but it seems that the game is not set to exist only on the new Durango.

The new home console should be revealed before E3 2013 and the device might be available in stores before the end of the year.

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