Rumor Mill: Epic Mickey Developer Will Soon Close Down

The company has created two titles in the series that have failed to impress

Rumors suggest that Junction Point, the Warren Spector led development studio that created the Epic Mickey series, might soon be closed down by parent company Disney Interactive.

Support for the rumor comes from Roberts Space Industries, the team currently working on Star Citizen, but their Twitter message has been since deleted and they have issued a rather confusing apology.

George Broussard, the former leader of 3D Realms, also believes Junction Point might be ready to disappear.

He tweeted that, “The Junction Point rumors have been circulating a while. Warning signs when you give employees two months off after shipping.”

Disney has neither denied nor confirmed any of the pieces of information about its studio.

Junction Points was created during 2005 by industry veteran Warren Spector, of Deus Ex fame, and by Art Min, and was acquired by Disney two years later in order to work on the new Mickey video game.

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