Rumor Mill: Disney’s Infinity Is Open World, Uses Pixar Characters

Marvel and Star Wars might join the universe later

Sources inside Disney reveal that the company is actively working on a new video game project called Infinity which will use an open-world structure and will allow players to control characters from both the cartoon maker and Pixar for a mix of action and adventure.

Polygon has received information from developers inside Disney who have confirmed that the game will be open world and will be expanded with new intellectual properties as it evolves, which might mean that, after a while, we might see Star Wars characters or even Marvel heroes getting involved.

Gamers will be able to explore open-world areas on foot or using vehicles or flight and activities include racing, shooting and building a number of structures.

Avalanche Software, a studio that previously worked on Toy Story 3, is in charge of Disney Infinity, which will be officially revealed during January.

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