Rumor Mill: Civilization V Expansion Called One World

The game might get access to new mechanics and factions

A listing on the Steam App database from Valve suggests that the turn-based strategy title Civilization V is set to get access to a new expansion, called One World.

A listing has been spotted by a user on the official 2K forums and the development team has refused to either confirm or deny its existence, which is typically a good sign that Firaxis is actually working on something new for its core strategy series.

No official details are offered on what players might get from One World.

Civilization V has changed the franchise forever because it has introduced hexes in the place of squares and a new rule that allows just one military unit to occupy one area at a time.

Firaxis has launched an expansion called Gods & Kings, introducing religion and new mechanics to the game, and another expansion is a plausible idea.

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