Rumor Mill: Bungie’s Destiny Launches on October 6

The game will use the mechanics of the first-person shooter genre

A French retailer called Micromania suggests that the upcoming Destiny project from Bungie will be launched on October 6 and has even set up a placeholder page for the shooter.

The official description from the company reads, “Everything changed with the arrival of Voyageur. It was originally a Golden Age that allowed our civilization to establish itself in the solar system. But it could not last. Something we put ashore broke. The survivors built a city in the Voyageur before returning explore our ancient worlds where only mortal enemies awaited them.”

The format listed on the French site is the Xbox 360, but previous rumors suggested that Destiny would be launched on all next-generation devices.

The game will allow players to customize their character and then explore the galaxy in order to complete quests and solve the mystery of the alien presence.

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