Rumor Mill: Activision's James Bond Games Pulled Because of Expired License

The publisher might be trying to re-acquire the rights

On Friday, video game publisher Activision pulled its James Bond themed video games from both its own store front and from Valve’s Steam, although the company failed to offer a clear reason for the move.

Now, a source inside Activision, quoted by NeoGamr, states that the titles are no longer sold because the license that the publisher had for them is deemed to be expired.

The information has not been confirmed officially and it’s unclear how this could happen because, in 2006, the video games James Bond license was acquired by Activision until 2014.

This year, James Bond appeared in 007 Legends, developed by Eurocom, which received middling reviews and failed to perform well commercially.

In 2011, Activision released GoldenEye, 2010 was the year of Blood Stone and Quantum Solace accompanied the movie of the same name in 2008.

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