Ruffian Games Works on Secret Project Not Crackdown 3

The developer is testing indie genre with Tribal Towers

Developer Ruffian Games announces that it next video game will be called Tribal Towers and is also confirming that it currently has no plans to work on a new title in the Crackdown series.

On the official blog of the company, Billy Thompson, one of the co-founders, states, “It’s simply not an offer that’s on our production table right now, so rather than dwell on this lets get back to the real story here.”

He then went on to mention a secret project that is currently in development with a well-known publisher.

The title might be linked to the new generation of home consoles.

Ruffian Games aims to test the indie game scene with Tribal Towers.

The Crackdown series was widely praised for the open world it created and the freedom it gave to the player to explore.

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