Ron Gilbert Would Love to Secure Monkey Island Rights

At the moment the game universe is property of Disney

Ron Gilbert, the creator of the Monkey Island adventure series, says that in the future he might try and get the rights to it back from media giant Disney, although he has no such plans in the short term.

The developer tells Eurogamer that, “I would love to contact them at some point. I haven’t done anything yet but I definitely want to. At some point I will. I would love to get the rights back and be able to really make the game I want to make.”

The rights were initially linked to publisher LucasArts, but have moved to Disney when it acquired Lucasfilm and all its assets, including Star Wars, earlier during the year.

At the moment, Gilbert is working on The Cave with Double Fine and he has plans for at least another title with the same team, which includes Tim Schafer.

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