Ron Gilbert Does Not Believe in Adventure Game Death

The genre needs to keep the player interested and focused on progress

Ron Gilbert, the well-known creator of Monkey Island, believes that adventure games need to eliminate player deaths in order to give gamers a sense of continuity, without ever dropping them back the start screen.

Speaking to VG247, the developer states, “Clearly, there are certain genres of games in which death is important; Diablo just wouldn’t be as fun if you never died. But I’ve always thought, going all the way back to Monkey Island, that death has no place in adventure games.”

For the gaming legend, currently working on The Cave at Double Fine, death needs to be just a nuisance in order to prevent players from clicking at random rather than thinking through puzzles.

The Cave will be launched on the PC, the PlayStation 3, the Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii U in early February 2013.

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