Rogue Legacy Gets Tons of New Content in Patch 1.2.0

Five bosses, four traits, 28 rooms, one new class and much more

Cellar Door Games revealed an update to Rogue Legacy, their roguelike platform game that pits players against an ever-changing castle filled with unsavory denizens and untold treasure.

The developers stated that a total of 28 new rooms have been added, in order to offer more variety, in addition to removing the plot-delivering Diary rooms, once the plot has been entirely revealed, cutting off some dead time.

Other major changes include five new bosses, one new class and four new traits, as well as six new Steam achievements, along with several minor changes and bug fixes.

The update aims to make life a little easier for players, improving haggling to further reduce prices, making some enemies less deadly and making some abilities function better in New Game+ playthroughs, according to Destructoid.

The patch notes also state that the developers are testing Steam Cloud functionality and are planning to include it in a future update.

For the full patch notes of the 1.2.0 Content Patch, visit Cellar Door Games' official blog.

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