Rocksmith Gets Three Nickelback Songs Pack

Gamers can enjoy and play the biggest hits of the band

The development team handling support for Rocksmith at publisher Ubisoft is launching three new songs for the rock simulation, all of them created by the Canadian rock band Nickelback.

Gamers can download and then play How You Remind Me, Rockstar and Bottoms Up.

The developers are saying that all the tracks include a new authentic tone which can be accessed via Rocksmith in the AMP mode.

The three songs can be played using the electric guitar or the bass.

Rocksmith is the final survivor of the once mighty music game simulation genre, which launched franchises like Guitar Hero from Activision and Rock Band from Harmonix.

Rocksmith stands out from the pack because it is actively trying to teach gamers how to play the various tracks rather than simply mimicking the process.

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