Rockefeller Video Game Bill Will Be Re-Introduced in the Senate

The National Academy of Sciences will conduct research

Jay Rockefeller, a United States senator, is set to reintroduce his bill that would require the National Academy of Sciences to work with the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Trade Commission.

The three federal institutions would have 18 months to complete the project and would then report back to the Congress, which would use the data as the basis for new legislation.

A statement from Rockefeller, quoted by Polygon, says, “I am working hard in the Senate to make sure this type of research — which I have strongly backed throughout my career — is available to inform our work on gun violence.”

At first sight, the bill is pretty similar to the executive order that President Obama has signed authorizing the Center for Disease control to look into the link between violent media and real world behavior.

But the Rockefeller bill singles out video games and their connection to violence, which means that its low chance of passing into law is actually a good thing for gamers.

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