Riot Games Bans Two Pro League of Legends Players

Developers are trying to make the MOBA a more friendly experience

Video game developer Riot Games is issuing bans to other two pro League of Legends players, because the community has repeatedly reported them for use of offensive language, verbal abuse of other players and a general negative attitude.

The banned pro players are enVision from Mousesports and Linak from Against All Authority, according to VG247.

enVision has been reported 29 percent of the time, which is six times the average of a normal League of Legends player.

Linak also has a report rate of 20% and the community has flagged him before for negative behavior.

He has also been previously reprimanded and banned for his own attitude in the MOBA.

Riot Games wants to make League of Legends friendlier towards newcomers and has launched a new Honor-based initiative set to make the community more helpful and encourage positive behavior.

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