Rift Gets Patch 2.1, Includes Holiday Festivities

Gamers also get a new raid and more gameplay options

The development team at Trion Worlds says that it will launch a new patch for the MMO Rift on December 12, which will introduce new raids and events, but will also prepare the game for the holiday festivities that will take place later during the month.

The new raid included in the patch is called Eternal Eclipse and will see groups of 20 players go to the Shapers Citadel, where they will find a portal that can move them to the Plane of Death in order to face Regulos.

Chronicle: A Hero Rises will also allow players to battle Crucia as she launches a counter-attack.

The team also describes the Fae Yule World Event: “Grandfather Frost and the Fae are at it again, spreading decorations – and no small amount of mischief – across Telara. Join the festivities and collect seasonal Dimension items, including a set of special gifts that will be revealed throughout the month!”

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