Researcher: Joe Biden Advises Video Game Industry to Take Positive Steps

Publishers need to educate the public about ratings

Christopher Ferguson, a researcher at Texas A&M who was present at the recent meeting between vice president Joe Biden and video game industry representatives, says that those present accepted that publishers could do more to project a positive image.

He states, “What the industry needs to do is take the vice president’s advice and really think about: what are some positive things that the industry can do? Public education campaigns about the ERSB rating systems, trying to avoid some blatant missteps like having a gun manufacturer as part of their website, that kind of stuff.”

Joe Biden is on a fact-finding mission and the conclusions that he will present to the President will be used to craft future initiatives and legislation.

Video games like Call of Duty and Dynasty Warriors have been blamed for the Sandy Hook shooting in December.

The attached video shows statements from the Biden–industry meeting.

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