Republic Revolution Coming to Crusader Kings II

Players will have more options when moving away from monarchies

Video game developer and publisher Paradox Interactive is announcing that it will offer a new piece of downloadable content for its grand strategy title Crusader Kings II via a new The Republic expansion, designed to focus on those countries that aren’t ruled by monarchies.

The developers say that, “Trade trumps bloodline in this latest expansion, as players will experience a whole new style of game based on playing as the head of a Patrician family of in one of the great Merchant Republics. Take control of the seas to expand and defend your trading empire, survive feuds with rival families and and plot to seize their Trade Posts.”

CK II also gets more uses for money, including lobbying for the position of Doge and a campaign feature.

The Republic for Crusader Kings II will be launched during the first quarter of 2013, exclusively via digital distribution outlets.

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