Remember Me Gets New Gameplay Trailer

Check out the upcoming action adventure game and one of its villains

Capcom and Dontnod Entertainment have just posted a brand new gameplay video with their upcoming Remember Me action game, this time showing off protagonist Nilin as she explores a new area of Neo Paris and fights against one of the main villains of the game, a hulking behemoth called Kid Xmas.

Remember Me is one of the most intriguing all-new games that will appear this year, coming from studio Dontnod Entertainment and Capcom. It features a dystopian world of Neo Paris in which the protagonist, Nilin, must not only fight against corrupt authorities but also engage in Inception-like heists that rely on infiltrating the subconscious of certain individuals.

We already heard a few more details about the game, and now the two companies behind it have posted a brand new gameplay video in which Nilin must traverse an area of Neo Paris called St. Michel, defeat the authorities, and finally engage in a brutal fight against one of the big bosses in the game, a behemoth called Kid Xmas.

The entire trailer is quite exciting and shows some of the hand-to-hand combat from the game, so check it out above.

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