Relics of the Gree Event and Update 1.7 Are Live in Star Wars: The Old Republic

Gamers can also use the Galactic Reputation feature

The development team at BioWare in charge of the MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic announces that the Relics of the Gree event is now live in the game and that players can now also take advantage of the Galactic Reputation feature introduced in update 1.7.

The new event will take place until February 26, with players able to visit news terminals in Carrick Station or Vaiken Spacedock in order to start a new adventure, locating and then exploring a new Gree spaceship that has crashed over the Western Ice Shelf on Ilum.

Galactic Reputation is designed to allow players to gain ranks with each faction in Star Wars: The Old Republic, going from outsider to Legend.

Certain advantages are associated with each of them and the reputation earned is also linked to each player’s Legacy score.

BioWare is keen to make Star Wars: The Old Republic attractive to players after the game switched to a free-to-play model during 2012.

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