Register Now for Beta Access into Defiance, Trion's New Online Shooter

The studio behind Rift is preparing a special multiplayer-only experience

Trion Worlds, the company behind hit MMOs like Rift or End of Nations, has confirmed that it's going to organize a beta stage for its upcoming Defiance online shooter, and that people can sign up for the test phase right now.

Defiance promises to deliver a pretty interesting shooter that not only offers action and entertainment online but also interconnects with a TV show that's going to be released by cable network SyFy.

The first beta stage for Defiance will take place next week, between January 18 and January 20, and it’s called the Advanced Mission Beta 1. The test phase consists of a competitive multiplayer map, as well as the special Shadow War PvP experience and a cooperative boss battle.

Those interested in the online game can sign up right here and learn more about the game's virtual world.

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