Reckoning DLC for Mass Effect 3 Will Be Announced Late Next Week

Gamers will get new locations to visit and game mechanics

An official reveal for the new Reckoning downloadable content for Mass Effect 3 will take place late during next week, according to the development team at BioWare.

Chris Priestly, who handles community relations for the Edmonton studio of BioWare, writes on Twitter that, “When it is ready to be talked about, it will be. Not my decision, but I think, hopefully, late next week.”

The Mass Effect 3 team has teased the new content via two new screenshots, one showing a new space on the Citadel and another showing a new Krogan character.

Rumors suggest that Reckoning might add a cooperative mode to the action role-playing game or that it will make single-player choices important for the multiplayer modes.

BioWare has also confirmed that the DLC is important because most of its team working at the Edmonton studio is involved with its creation.

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