Rebel Entertainment’s Dungeon Rampage Launches on Facebook

The team plans to move the MMO action RPG to other platforms

Independent developer Rebel Entertainment has announced that it launched its first title, Dungeon Rampage, on Facebook with plans to expand it with new heroes, new maps and more weapons for gamers to use against one another.

Rebel Entertainment includes development talent from companies like Atari, Zynga, Electronic Arts and Disney, and Dungeon Rampage includes mechanics taken from the action role-playing genre and from the MMO space.

Mike Goslin, the general manager at Rebel Entertainment, stated, “Dungeon Rampage has introduced real-time multiplayer to the social gaming arena with fantastic early results. In the few months that we’ve been in beta, players of all ages and skill levels have rampaged together in dungeons more than 47 million times and slayed more than 1.3 billion monsters in the process, and we’re just getting started.”

The game that is now available on Facebook will continue to be developed and Rebel Entertainment plans to create version for a number of other platforms.

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