Rasaad yn Bashir, Neera, Dorn Il-Khan Are New Baldur’s Gate Characters

Each of them has access to his own individual quest

The new Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition includes three new characters which gamers can recruit into their parties as they explore the Sword Coast once again.

Rasaad yn Bashir is the first party character which adopts the monk class as his own, which means he is able to deliver a lot of damage as long as he is unarmed and can evade heavier enemies as long as he drops armor entirely, focusing just on bracelets and necklaces to boost his powers.

Neera is a half-elf from the High Forest that uses the wild mage class, which makes her casting more powerful but also more unpredictable.

Dorn Il-Khan is another interesting character, a half-orc that uses the new Blackguard class, a direct opposite of the well-known Paladin, and is on a revenge quest that good aligned characters will react badly to.

The PC version of Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition has all the new characters included while the iPad one only offers Rasaad yn Bashir.

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