Rain of Fear, 19th Expansion for EverQuest, Is Live

Gamers get more areas, new story and raised level cap

Sony Online Entertainment is launching the 19th expansion for its MMO EverQuest, called Rain of Fear, which will expand the story of the game and will give players more quests to enjoy as they try to get to the new 100 level cap for their characters.

Thom Terrazas, a producer working on EverQuest, stated, “In its 14th year of continuous development, the EverQuest team continues to release high-quality, immersive content for EverQuest. Rain of Fear adds a huge volume of new content to the game, and it finally breaks the three-digit barrier by raising the level cap to 100.”

Rain of Fear also introduces more raids, more missions, more spells and items for gamers to use and new tradeskill recipes.

There are also new features: Slayer System, Collection System and Aggro Meter.

Rain of Fear of EverQuest is offered in both standards and Collector’s Edition packaging.

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