Rage: The Scorchers DLC Leaked Once More by PS3 Trophies

The add-on might be officially revealed in the near future

New evidence has appeared that hints to an upcoming downloadable expansion for Rage, the shooter/racing game hybrid that came out last year from id Software, as a list of PlayStation 3 trophies has appeared online with references to a new add-on.

Rage was released last year and was set to once again put id Software back on the map in terms of visuals and gameplay. Sadly, that didn't really happen, as issues with graphics drivers on the PC and other problems on the consoles, resulted in poor sales for the shooter.

Now, after hearing a few rumors last summer, it seems that id is preparing a downloadable expansion for Rage, in the form of the previously rumored The Scorchers.

According to a trophy list for the game's PS3 versions, via PS3 Trophies, a new campaign will be added to the title, as well as roly-poly and video poker mini-games.

As of yet, however, id Software hasn't commented on this leak.

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